Projects We've Supported

Vermont Works for Women

“Vermont Works for Women works toward the day when women and girls make confident, deliberate choices about life and work that reflect an expansive grasp of the world’s possibilities, a fearless commitment to pursuing their dreams, and that contribute to the vitality of our communities.

Because of the Giving Circle’s generosity, girls will graduate from Rosie’s Girls with a newfound sense of grit and resiliency, and an expanded sense of what is possible in their lives.”

People’s Health & Wellness Clinic

“The cost of healthcare, access to insurance, and ease of receiving care continue to be a challenge for many residents of Vermont. Your grant contribution truly goes a long way to ensuring the long-term success and stability of our oral health program. Because of you [CVWGC] we are able to provide dental hygiene, x-rays, patient education, and referral services at no cost to our patients.”

The Vermont River Conservancy

“We are thrilled to have your support to ensure Vermont’s rivers will be protected for all to enjoy. You [CVWGC] are making a mark on river conservation by supporting VRCs work to:

  • Provide permanent public access to swimming holes, boat put-ins, and fishing spots
  • Improve the ability for communities in Vermont to adapt to floods
  • Construct additional campsites and access points to our rivers
  • Facilitate community-wide conversations on river protection

We are honored by the steady growth of the Vermont River Conservancy community as more people connect with our rivers every day. We are grateful to have YOU in our river community.”

Little Bellas

Little Bellas creates opportunities for girls to experience success using mountain biking as the platform and pathway to personal growth, building community, and competency.
“With your help, we continue to expand our national reach in efforts to get more girls on bikes. Thanks to you [CVWGC], we are able to offer scholarship and equipment assistance, seed new programs, and ensure that our programs are affordable for all families. We are grateful to have you as a friend and partner in our work.”